Factory Method for Multiple NMF Run Objects


Factory Method for Multiple NMF Run Objects


NMFfitX(object, ...)

S4 (list)
`NMFfitX`(object, ..., .merge = FALSE)


an object from which is created an NMFfitX object
extra arguments used to pass values for slots
a logical that indicates if the fits should be aggregated, only keeping the best fit, and return an NMFfitX1 object. If FALSE, an NMFfitXn object containing the data of all the fits is returned.


  1. NMFfitXsignature(object = "list"): Create an NMFfitX object from a list of fits.

  2. NMFfitXsignature(object = "NMFfit"): Creates an NMFfitX1 object from a single fit. This is used in nmf when only the best fit is kept in memory or on disk.

  3. NMFfitXsignature(object = "NMFfitX"): Provides a way to aggregate NMFfitXn objects into an NMFfitX1 object.